Marbleized Nails??

Impossible!  But not for Christina.  Armed with just her wits, a cup of water, and a stick, she was able to create this look in very little time.  The technique she used was dropping different colors of polish into a glass of water, and then carefully mixing them to create patterns.  She then dipped her client’s finger into the water and voila:

The depth of the talent here at threeSIXnine never ceases to amaze me.  Just last week, Jason applied mascara to a client with a brush like a pro!

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Our new website is finally up!  It’s not quite complete but it is fully functional and has a lot of great information.  You saw the behind the scenes, now see the finished product and how our portraits turned out!  Christina did a great job with everyone’s hair and make up, and Eric has a gift for only photographing your good side.  Make sure to check it out:

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Photoshoot at the Studio

Last Saturday we had photographer Eric Laurits come take portraits of the staff for our new website which will debut soon.  Christina was nice enough to stay all day to make everyone beautiful.  If you are looking for a photographer, Eric comes prepared complete with his own greeter Loki:

Jason seemed nervous about getting his picture taken:

While he waited for his turn he styled singer Lisa Bello’s hair for her shoot afterwards.  I believe the theme was avant garde hobo:

Eric doing his thang:

He makes it look easy:

Loki doesn’t seem impressed:

Check back for updates on our new and improved website if you want to see the awesome shots that Eric got!

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How Many Times Do You Shampoo?

The answer is twice, or not at all!  It’s only taken three months of working here but I finally got my first Christina Elfar haircut.  Not only did it turn out fabulously, she also told me I need to shampoo twice before I condition.  The first shampoo lifts the oil and product, and the second actually cleanses the hair and scalp.  However, if you do not wash your hair every day, she turned me onto a product called Dry Shampoo by Label.M.  It just so happened that I hadn’t washed my hair that day so Christina used some in my hair on the roots.  It absorbed the oil as well as giving me instant volume.  Needless to say I ended up picking up a can and have been using it in between the days I shampoo.

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Morrocanoil vs. Vaseline

Don’t call me a Southerner, but I am a born again Northerner after spending five years in North Carolina.  My first winter back north has been challenging with more snow than I remember there being when I left, but also with my skin and hair.  I’m dry, I’m chapped, everything’s breaking, splitting, and frizzing.  My solution?  A pump of Vaseline hand lotion in the hair before I style.  I know what you’re probably thinking, Jason and Kyle have already made fun of me.  So after much ridicule, I have finally been converted to Moroccanoil treatment.  I’ve been using it for about a month now and there has definitely been an improvement (not to mention the lotion tends to weigh your hair down for anyone who wants to try it…).  After a slight learning curve, I learned that a little goes a long way.

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